Dr. Muzina Akhtar MBBS.

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Dr. Muzina Akhtar completed her medicine at Capital Medical University from Beijing, China.

During her medical school she took a keen interest in cardiology research and took part in conducting a meta-analysis analyzing the efficicay of drug-eluting ballons for patients with in-stent restenosis. This paper became published in the Angiology Journal by SAGE Publications.

She then continued her passion for research and writing, which lead to her next publication in 2016. This was a compaing the use of intravascular ultraound vs optical coherence tomography for mechanisms and patterns of in-stent restenosis among bare metal stents and drug eluting stents.

At present Dr. Muzina Akhtar is residing in the UK, continuing her work in research and writing while make advancements in clinical healthcare.

Alongside her role as the Managing Directors, she is responsible for team managemnt, overseaing strategy and ensuring all projects are delivered in line with compnay values of exceptional quality and customer service. She is dedicated to ensuring that all projects are developed ethically and transaprently. She feels privileged to work in this arena, which she finds challenging and rewarding in equal measure.

Dr. Akhtar’s scientific background, coupled with an excellent understanding of design, puts her in a unique position to oversee the collaboration between the scientific and design projects  Her experience encompasses multiple project types including scientific posters, website design, and the development of interactive content for events and congress booths. She has extensive experience in defining the creative approaches and optimising the way complex scientific ideas are presented.

Dr. Akhtar also focuses on engaging with current and potential clients to ensure the long-term success of ISAP and to create exciting opportunities for the team.

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